Concept Plans

Whatever the scope of your project, from a small backyard to an entire garden, I can help you to visualise your dream space.

Even people with good taste and imagination find it hard  to translate the vision from their mind’s eye into an image that could be talked about with their loved ones and eventually communicated to those building the garden.

I relish taking on this challenging task and my aim is to  make sure that the design you commission will not only meet your brief, but will also come in the form of accurate technical drawings that will enable your dream garden to be realised.

Here are examples of some of my works.

Modernist Garden

In this design, I set out to recreate the timeless spirit of the 1920s Bauhaus style. The design tradition that gave us clean lines, open plans, and the credo ‘form follows function’.





Contemporary Australian Garden

Conceived as a sanctuary for a hip young family living in Sydney’s Inner West. This bunch loves their 70s retro-cool look and puts sustainability into practice. Apart from being into upcycling, they share their garden with a rescue dog, chickens, and fish. Where the frontyard expresses the owners’ casual elegance, the backyard is a place for entertainment, adventures, and food growing.


Arts-and-Crafts Style Garden

In this garden renovation, an old Murraya hedge got a makeover haircut and was shaped to create privacy walls for an elegant understated garden room. This design underpins the Arts-and-Crafts character of the house, but lends it a slightly postmodern touch.


arts and crafts garden Gardenism - 1



 Planting Plans

If you already have the design you want, but are concerned with choosing the right plants for your garden, I can do the selection and provide you with a detailed planting plans and schedules.

I choose  plants that not only look good, but suit given conditions, your lifestyle, and the test of time. Plants are selected against wide range of criteria and my choices are always backed by a sound horticultural knowledge and reputable sources of information.

I also supply plants and install gardens if required.


Development Approval (DA) Submissions

An increasing number of local councils require, as a part of the DA submission, for  landscape plans to be prepared by a qualified landscape design professional.

I ensure that all relevant council policies relating to the landscaped areas are addressed and implemented in the design to maximise the success of your DA approval. If you require, I can also liaise with the council on your behalf, attend council meetings,  and coordinate with other professionals as required.


development_approval_analysis_gardenism - 1

Construction Drawings

Sometimes you might feel very specific about a certain look or a detail and you want to have it just right, but this is not always possible if your builder is not sure what are you asking for and also has to ensure that the result is technically sound and can be built. Having a well thought out design and detailed drawings can ensure that you and your builder can commit to the same vision.

From a detailed construction drawing, it’s just a step away to a Bill of Materials, which helps with a competitive quoting and purchasing.