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If you are in Sydney or surrounding areas and looking for quality garden design services, you are on the right page!

Creating gardens is about more than just the function and the look. The feel and sensory experiences also play an essential role.  A good garden designer will carefully study each landscape and its character to create a garden which thrives.

Every space is unique and because of this, the process of creating a garden is never precisely the same. However, it typically involves certain stages that you will encounter when working with landscape designers like us. We discuss these stages below.

If you need a Landscape Plan for council planning and development purposes, we have information tailored for you on our next page: Development.

What are the steps involved in designing a garden?

1. Consultation

It all starts with a consultation. We come to you to assess your space and talk about your design brief. We’ll go through your likes and dislikes and try to identify the requirements that your new garden needs to address.

We will discuss your wishes, your preferred plants and materials, and go through different scenarios of how to best use your garden space. 

We will also document your garden’s conditions and check for existing plants and their health. This way, we can make the most out of what you already have. In many cases taking measurements on-site is all it takes, but if a more detailed description is required, we will advise you about commissioning a professional land surveyor.

2. Design Brief and Quote

After the meeting, we will prepare a Design Brief and Quote Proposal for your review. This way, you will have a chance from the very beginning to make sure that everything important to you will be carefully considered.

3. Design Concept

If you are happy with the Brief and Quote, we will take all the information we have gathered and look for the best solutions. We will prepare drawings and other necessary material to convey our design intent.

4. Follow Up Meeting

Once the initial design is ready, we will meet with you again and go through it step by step. We will listen to your feedback and together we will make sure that the final design will meet your expectations.

5. Landscape Design Plan and Reports

In this stage, we will carefully document the final design. You will receive a CAD drawn Master Plan showing all necessary information. 

We will also provide you with the Design Report, further explaining the reasons behind our choices and giving you more information about what matters.

In addition, you will receive the Opinion of Probable Cost. This will help you to understand the extent of works required and a reasonable expectation of market prices. This reference will help you to compare the quotes you will receive from your landscapers.

Other Landscape Design Services

Apart from our bespoke garden design, we also provide the following services across the wider Sydney area:

Planting Plans

Planting Plans are the perfect choice if you are happy with your garden’s overall design, but you wish to make it more appealing. We will choose the right plants for your garden and provide you with detailed planting plans and schedules.

Plants we select not only look good, but will suit the given conditions, your lifestyle, and will endure the test of time. We base our choices on sound horticultural knowledge and reputable sources of information.

Planting Plans are only a fraction of the cost of the entire garden design. Our affordable prices will surely surprise you, and you will love the difference a well-chosen planting can make to your garden!

If required, we can also supply all plants and install the garden for you.

Detailed Landscape Construction Drawings

Certain projects require detailed drawings of specific structures to be submitted with the development application.

We pride ourselves in creating well-documented designs, including reports and accurate drawings that will gain you the council approval and assist the landscaper of your choice to build without complication and within budget. 

Talk to us today to see how we can help you with your Planning and Development needs.

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