Development, Landscaping, and Council Approval

Many councils in Sydney and across NSW ask that a professional landscape designer or landscape architect prepares the landscape plans to accompany your application for development approval.

Owners/developers might see this at first as an unnecessary burden, but in fact, it is a common-sense approach that, if done correctly, will save you money and potential disappointment in the long run.

Preparation of landscaping plans for council submission is slightly different from typical garden design services, in the sense that cost-effectiveness and building regulations are the main priority.

When do you need to submit landscape plans?

Find out about the various pathways for Development in NSW. Some will require professionally prepared landscaping plans, while others won’t.

Why is Landscaping important for Council Approval?

While the average garden is getting smaller, the number of environmental functions that landscapes need to perform keeps increasing. The system of approvals by local councils plays an important role in ensuring that our infrastructure, including landscaping, keeps pace with our lifestyles.

Landscaping can improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce on-site water use, stormwater run-off, and help improve air quality. It can slow down the spread of bush fires, provide habitat for plants and animals, and has countless other benefits.

Apart from fulfilling the above mentioned environmental factors, a good landscape design needs to address a number of building codes and regulations to ensure safety and privacy for you, your neighbours, and the community.

Having your landscape plans prepared by a professional landscape designer as a part of the planning process does away with the trial and error approach to residential landscaping. Too often, owners/developers, despite their best intentions, choose the wrong plants or construction techniques for the given conditions. As a result, the vegetation dies, assets get damaged, and the environment and aesthetics suffer.

How can Gardenism help you to secure development approval?

Gardenism specialises in the planning and documentation stage of landscape projects. We don’t only make sure that the design meets the relevant regulations to get you the development consent, but we also ensure that the design is safe, easy to build, and aesthetically pleasing.

We can prepare Landscape plans for any type of residential development in NSW!

Having a professional garden designer prepare a landscaping plan for you doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the joy of creating your garden if you desire to do so. If you would like to personalise it yourself at a later stage, we will keep it plain and simple, while ensuring that it meets all council requirements. When preparing your landscaping plans, you can let us know how much gardening you wish to do. We can create a low maintenance garden or one for real green thumbs.

To secure the council approval, we carefully review the relevant Development Codes (DCPs) and also make sure that the landscaping addresses the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Australian Standards, and all other relevant legislation and guidelines.

How are our development plans services different from full garden design?

Foremost, we understand your need for fast turnaround and the need to keep the cost of planning low.

For this reason, we have streamlined the process and kept only the essential steps, while still making sure that you end up with a quality design. As you would already have your survey and architectural drawings, we work from these and the available information in the public domain without the need to conduct a site survey. To keep the cost down, we won’t prepare various design options in this case. Instead, we will develop one landscaping solution matching your initial brief while having the council approval clearly in mind. If required, we also liaise on your behalf with your other consultants, e.g. with your architect or engineer.

If you decide that you would like to take your landscaping plans a step further, we encourage you to read about our full garden design services and see how you could increase the value of your property even more.

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